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(Inspect & Manage) Community Development Districts, Home Owner Associations, Licensed Community Managers, Multifamily Residences

  • Provide HOAs & CDDs with budgeting and management planning for tree care
  • Enable property managers to mitigate risks to people and property and reduce insurance liabilities
  • Clear encroachments away from roofs, lights, signs, and access areas
  • Properly raise and balance trees along streets and thoroughfares to allow safe transit of emergency vehicles and pedestrians
  • Conduct structural cutbacks along environmental setbacks that limit rapid seasonal regrowth 
  • Structurally prune trees in order to produce safe growth patterns away from buildings, streets, and common areas per ISA standards
  • Remove invasive trees and trees that are a threat to structures or residents
  • Conduct full property tree survey & assessment
  • Provide residents with free educational Arboriculture workshops on proper care and maintenance
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Municipal & Commercial

(Advise & Assist) Office Parks, Community Spaces, Recreational Parks, Nature Trails, Corporate Campuses, Education Districts, Government Facilities

  • Provide tree risk assessments and maintenance that mitigates threats to property, people, and roadways
  • Enable municipalities to retain and improve urban forests in parks and municipal complexes
  • Conduct pruning and cutbacks for clearance along trails and within parks to improve the health, look, and safety of the urban forest
  • Rapid mobilization in response to storm damage as well as pre-hurricane season preparation 
  • Coordinate with project managers to determine tree retention and maintenance plans for new construction and existing green spaces

large Properties

(Build & Maintain) Tree Survey & Assessment, Tree Rehabilitation, Tree Removal, Pre-Site Build Planning and Preparation, Grubbing & Stump Grinding/Removal

  • Tree rehabilitation, removal, and invasive species control
  • Long term tree management
  • Pre–site planning and tree survey with assessment
  • Effective coordination with contractors, planners, and local officials throughout project execution
  • Deliver cost planning and savings options for long term healthy, diverse, and viable tree population


(Asses & Conduct) Tree Removal, Canopy Reduction, Structural Pruning, Stump Grinding, Invasive Species Control

  • Provide solutions to property owners that reduce risks and improves the health and proper growth of their trees
  • Properly raise and balance trees, reduce crowns, and provide structural pruning and tree removal per ISA standards when needed
  • Assess and mitigate potential threats from trees due to storm and hurricane effects
  • Difficult tree take downs and debris removal
  • Stump grinding
  • Tree risk assessments
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